Workshops for Parents

Uncommon Kid
Inspire lasting motivation and engagement in yourself and your child through:

  • Self Discovery – What are your goals as a parent?
  • Building Resilience – What “triggers” get in the way of your goals?
  • Tapping Natural Talents – What natural talents can you leverage to meet your goals and support your child?
  • Purposeful Parenting – Identifying your own Uncommon Contribution to your child’s futur

Boost Your Brain Power
Learn how to reduce stress, increase brain health, manage your brain’s threat response and explore communication strategies for making better decisions.

Motivation and Engagement for Success
Discover a new model for promoting immediate and lasting motivation and engagement.

What Drives You?
What if you were absolutely clear?  What if you knew what was important to you and how to satisfy those true needs?  What if you could feel more accomplished, more of the time? Discover the Motivation Factors that help and hinder your success.

Thought Leadership Series
New Research on Motivation
Stress in the Workplace
Difficult to Discuss Issues