It’s 3am. Do you know who your team is?

If I woke you in the middle of the night and asked you to name your team members, could you?

If I then woke those people and asked them to name their team members, would they name the same group?

Would each of those people (after waking up just a bit more) be able to clearly articulate each person’s role and contribution to the objective you are all working so hard to achieve?

The following are a few True Stories:

Story 1: CEO and newly hired VP discuss a change in corporate strategy which significantly alters another VP’s role.  They consider not telling the other VP.

Story 2: Your organization is struggling with expense management.  The HR Director keeps offering to help investigate the problem but is dismissed as helpful but unqualified.  The management team does not know she has a background in finance and is a current CPA.

Story 3: As the leader of a senior team, you’ve hired a consultant to facilitate a team development process.  Six of the seven members of the group express puzzlement and surprise that the group is being referred to as a team.  They report that they don’t all work together.


1. Know your objective

2. Know your team, the people on the team and the skills and qualities they each have to offer

3. Gather your team together in person and come up with a shared definition of success (This is an excellent opportunity to introduce the concept that they ARE a team.  See #3 above.)

4. Hold every team member accountable for measurable results in support of the team’s work toward the objective.

5. Respect the team and each member with open, straightforward and transparent communication.










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