Manager’s Magic Potion

The Manager’s Magic Potion was born of many conversations with managers and employees during my time in Human Resources.  People liked the concept so much that I turned it into a workshop and people like THAT so much that I’ve turned it into an e-workshop.

Almost as easy as waving a magic wand, this practice helps you save time, develop staff capability and increase innovation.  As if that weren’t enough, with five easy inquiries you will more easily delegate, manage performance and reward your stars.  In short, you will run a more productive and motivated organization using a simple list of questions. The results?  You’ll:
  1. Identify and motivate your star employees
  2. Identify performance problems
  3. Delegate more effectively
  4. Develop your staff
  5. Save loads of time
  6. Become a tremendously better manager
It’s like water and exercise.  If you make this a habit, your management practice stays healthy.  Without it, something withers: results, relationships, morale, spirit…something.  And when this technique is done correctly and consistently?  It’s MAGIC!
Check out the new e-workshop and tell me how it works!

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