One great interview question you’re probably not asking

Technical skill, accountability, responsibility, innovation, great attitude – all qualities you want to get a sense for during your interviews with candidates.  But how do you get a sense for motivation and engagement?  The ability to stay the course, pick one’s self up by one’s boot straps and keep on truckin?

Here’s a great question for your next interview:

“Tell me about a time when you lost motivation for or became disengaged with a project, team or company.  What prompted that loss of motivation or disengagement and what did you do about it?”

In their answer, you get a sense of:

  • what it takes to affect the individuals level of motivation or engagement
  • the things they value (respect, being heard, freedom, etc.)
  • the extent to which the individual takes responsibility for his or her own motivation and engagement
  • how effective they are at noticing and correcting a drift away from the goal
  • what you can expect if they become demotivated or disengaged at your organization



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