Is Your HR Department Up to Snuff?

HR folks!  Take this quiz:

  1. What is your company revenue?
  2. To what extent are you profitable?
  3. Which revenue streams or divisions are over or under performing?
  4. Who are your top three competitors?
  5. How do they differentiate themselves from you?
  6. Who are your top three clients?
  7. What percentage of your revenue comes from your top three clients?
  8. How would each department head answer the question: “What one thing if changed would make the biggest positive difference in our department’s ability to be successful?”
  9. To what extent do employees’ reasons for joining and leaving the company align with the company strategy?
  10. What is the most critical human resources function or factor right now given the above?

Strategic, seat-at-the-table HR requires three things:

  1. The Basics: The HR devil is in the HR details and if people’s paychecks, leaves, benefits or perquisites aren’t handled correctly, HR gets a black eye.  If leaders and peers don’t see quick response and accurate execution, ditto.
  2. Organizational Acumen:  It’s not just speaking the language.  It’s understanding the business you are in so that you can support that businesses goals with sound HR planning and practices.  It’s being able to responsibly and expertly advocate for your strategy so those you are influencing can clearly see the connection to real and present organizational challenges.
  3. Saying No: Using the first two as a filter, say no to those activities that do not align solidly with clear and present business goals.  For how to say no responsibly, see #2.

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