Running into Poles: Lessons Learned

I have run into a pole three times in my life.  (No, not someone of Polish decent – I’m talking about an actual streetlight pole – and, yes, only three times. Smart alecks!). 

The first time, I was walking home from school, busy making a point to a boy across the street.  I believe it had something to do with my insisting that he was of absolutely no concern to me anymore.  BANG!  Walked into a pole.  Lesson: Don’t get so carried away with the competition that you lose sight of where you’re going.  It is VERY embarrassing.

The second time, I was deep in thought – brooding even – as I planted one foot in front of the other trying not to step on the cracks in the sidewalk.  BANG!  Walked into a pole.  Lesson: You can brood and walk.  You can walk and see what’s coming.  But you cannot brood and walk and see what’s coming.  Brood first.  Then walk.  Much more effective.

The third (and, so far, last) time, I was in bumper to bumper traffic and looked up to see brake lights close up in front of me.  Panicking, I slammed my foot on the brake.  Actually, I wish it was the brake.  It was actually the gas.  BANG!  Hit the pole.  This time, the pole came up off its footings, bounced off both my roof and trunk and came to rest perpendicularly across the busy street.  Lesson: Don’t freak out.  Take a minute to assess the situation before reacting.  (And if you do freak out, try not to giggle hysterically when the cops arrive on the scene).

All this to say…we’re in the midst of a busy few months, the new year is in full swing and it’s all good!  Just remember to balance your time between watching the cracks in the sidewalk and keeping an eye on the horizon.  Take that step back on a regular basis to be sure you’re headed down the right and relatively obstacle-free path.

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