Purposeful Engagement

Speakin’ my language once again, Laurie!

I’d expand Laurie’s assertion to say MOST advisors of any kind (Career Advisors, Guidance counselors, HR folks) don’t take the time to define and explore those facets with their charges but neither do the individuals themselves. Having done some soul searching on this myself recently, I boiled down my purpose in life to “inspire purposeful engagement in work and life” which incorporates my passions and my skills (yay, me!).

I’m messing around with these concepts as part of my new business and would love people’s feedback if they have it.  You can see a work in progress in my not-yet-live site Uncommon Contributions.

Deep thoughts on purpose by Julie:

Students deserve to learn what they personally have to give in terms of skills, talents, and passions and have competent guidance in matching those with opportunities in the big wide world. Starting early – 5th grade even – and definitely by junior high.

And for you employees: what are your skills, talents, and passions and how can you put them into play towards the business goals of your employer? If you don’t know what yours are, you need to find out. If you know what they are and can’t put them into play where you work – then you’re wasting both your own and your employer’s time and you should be somewhere else.

I have a really neat (read practical and effective) new methodology that I’m really excited about that is applicable to any situation where the goal is to engage, commit and motivate the individuals and teams towards a common purpose. It can be customized to any situation, it’s simple and it is deeply effective at each the individual, team and organizational levels.  I’ll leave more on that for another post. 

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