Motivate Shmotivate

I am all fired up about the concept of motivation this month. What drives us to make the choices we do? What jazzes some people up about work while for others that same thing is a drag? Why do we do or say things we’re not ultimately proud of, or just didn’t mean to do or say? How can we get more out of our lives, our jobs, our relationships?

Do this exercise with me:
1. Think about all the goals, challenges, and priorities in your life right now.
(Hey! Don’t skip ahead to the next question just to move this along. Really think about it.)

2. Which one of those things, if achieved, solved or addressed, would make the biggest positive difference to you?
(Hang on. Sit with this for a minute. What’s that ONE thing?)

3. Okay, now just brainstorm all the things that are in your way of making that happen.
(Anything goes – just write it down and see what you get)

4. Now. If you could wave a magic wand and make all those obstacles disappear and you made that one thing happen. What would be different for you? What do you gain? Time? Energy? Money? More?

What’s this all about you ask? Well, this is the beginning of a new method I’ve just become certified in to help individuals and organizations reach their goals faster than they would otherwise be able to on their own. Even more, it provides crystal clear insight into the things that motivate you, your employees, our colleagues. How cool is that?

If you’re interested in knowing more, shoot me an email or call me up.

Uncommonly yours,

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