Commitments Count! (Guest Post)

This week’s post is contributed by friend and business partner Carole Sacino of Turning Point Institute. Carole’s “Get it Done” approach was the wind beneath her wings as a successful sales executive and serves her now as a business leader and Motivation Factor® Alliance Partner. Thanks for sharing your wisdom, Carole!

Commitments Count!
Carole Sacino, Principal, Turning Point Institute

Have you ever stopped to really listen to what people say? More importantly, have you listened for what they don’t say?

The other day I was sitting at Starbucks and was overhearing a conversation that brought back memories for me. It seemed to be a conversation between a client and his coach and it went something like this:

Client: “….yes, it was great to spend time together discussing the possibilities for my new business ventures…”

Coach: “great when can you get me the follow-up documentation?”

Client: “Geez, you know, it is the last week of summer and there’s a lot going on. I will get it to you after Labor Day”.

Coach: “Okay, let me know and I’ll talk to you soon. Enjoy the week”.

Were you listening? What do you think is going to happen after Labor Day? Though we can’t say for sure, there is a pretty good chance that the follow-up documentation won’t be sent.

“Commitment Language” separates the leaders from the followers. It is a language that moves people into a special category: the category that gets the biggest promotions, most recognition and the best return on their efforts.

As a sales champion for myself and others, I was clearly differentiated from my peers and other “competition” in my field because I said what I would do and did what I would say. Every time. I under-promised and over-delivered early and often. And, as I learned the power of Commitment Language, I shared this concept with others (those who worked with me would say I drilled it!): That how we show up in the world matters!

Take the coach/client conversation above. With Commitment Language it would go something like this:

Coach: “Great conversation today, we covered a lot and I really look forward to getting the business outline including the ideas we agreed with today. When can I expect to see it?”

Client: “I agree and thank you for helping me today. I will get you a draft document by Thursday at 10am. Will that work for you?”

The chances are good to great that it would be delivered on or before Thursday at 10.

People notice when someone makes a commitment and follows through on what they promised. Clients will definitely notice how you always come through and can be counted on for delivering. Management will model your actions as a “teaching” opportunity for others to follow in business and, for sure, the chances are very good that you will feel satisfied, accomplished and rewarded for saying what you will do and doing what you say.

The more specific you get with 
the deliverable, the date and the time
the stronger your commitment is to making it happen.

It takes 21 days to change a habit and I would challenge you to begin today using commitment language with your family, friends, colleagues and clients and see what changes for you. At the end of the 21 days, reflect on what has changed and pay it forward to others.

“When you get down to the root of the meaning of the word success, you’ll find that is simply means to follow through”… F.W. Nichols

“The achievement of your goal is assured the moment you commit yourself to it.”…Mack R Douglas

Carole Sacino, Executive Business Leader who drives results from the inside out and Principal of Turning Point Institute, a consulting company that creates custom solutions when the goal is to Engage, Commit and Motivate individuals and teams toward a common purpose with results.  She spent 20 plus years in the publishing/media industry in multiple sales, marketing and executive level positions driving business and change in the market with a passion for mentoring, coaching and developing the high potential “athletes” in our industry. Carole is a certified Professional Coach, Master Practitioner in Energy Leadership, Certified Emotional Intelligence provider and Alliance Partner for Motivation Factor®.  Her motto is:  keep it simple, engaging, efficient and highly effective! and you can reach her at

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