Anyone Up for a Cup of Organize? (Guest Blog!)

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I recently had the pleasure of meeting and working with LaNette Parker at a recent Motivation Factor certification program. An accomplished change agent, LaNette is both inspiring and grounded – a rare combination indeed! She is this month’s guest blogger. Enjoy!

Anyone Up for A Cup of Organize?
LaNette Parker, ACC, CEC

My 4-year old arrived at my bedside one recent morning, put a toy cup to my lips and declared, “Mom, you need to drink a cup of organize.” Then, he ran from the room, off to get me more ‘organize.’

Who couldn’t use a little more ‘organize’? Ask anyone about their lives and you’ll hear a common thread: pulled in so many directions, we rarely spend our time doing what we love to do. This leads to a feeling that we’re lacking something – respect, money, material belongings, control, etc. – at home and/or at the office. The elements of our circumstances crisscross into a tangled web until we scarcely recognize how we got where we are or even who we are.

And, when we do have the occasional moment to raise our heads above the fray and realize we’re suffering, we resolve to “organize.” We pull out our Franklin planners and unweave the web into a nice, tidy plan – fitting each day’s debris into the neatly printed rows of hours.

Stack one day against the next and the next…to what end?

A cup of organize contains three powerful ingredients: Purpose, Energy and Intention. Once you know your purpose, you can focus your energy toward your intentions.

If this sounds lofty, it’s actually quite straightforward:
• Get clear: Know your value and what you value
• Get clearer: Assess where you are right now against the answers that came to you
• Get moving: Rid yourself of what’s holding you back
• Get ‘a cup of organize’: Put your day together intentionally, so that you are energized, grounded and fully satisfied that you’re making the difference you’re here to make.

And, when you’re in the thick of changing your life, remember that others care, that you can ask for support, that you matter.

Above all, drink up and expect the best.

Contact LaNette at and 415.317.3371.

LaNette Parker, ACC, CEC, is an easy-to-talk-to coach and Motivation Factor® certified partner, specializing in helping individuals and teams get clear and act boldly once they do. In addition to lots of “character building” life experiences, she has nearly two decades of human resources and communication consulting experience bringing clarity to employees at some of the world’s most renowned companies. LaNette is one of just 4,000 coaches worldwide who has earned the International Coach Federation’s credential and one of 6,000 global Collaborators on The Difference Project, an international movement aimed at opening humanity’s heart.

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