All over the place

I’ve been writing.  Just not here! 

I’ve been busy working on my own journey “through the knothole” as I structure and craft a path for Uncommon Consulting.  I’m meeting so many incredibly rich people: rich in insight, caring, business acumen, encouragement…it’s been tremendously gratifying. 

As I work to refine my business plans I have received terrifically valuable advice from friends, family and colleagues.  Mike B provides grounded business sense, Kathy Esper prods me to bring my authentic self to light, Dee asks incredulously whether I know what I’m doing (this in response to my leaving my “secure” part time job with benefits in order to devote 100% of myself to UC). 

The whole experience is helping me to bring even more impactful guidance to my clients as I more fully understand the wrenching decisions regarding where to spend time, money and energy; how to say no to people you care about; and when to close some doors and open others.  Much easier said than done, as they say, but definitely well worth the effort.

While I continue to work my plan through, here are some recent pieces I’ve done for and where I’m privileged to be writing monthly articles.  And here are some opportunities to see Uncommon Live as I introduce the new framework I’m using to drive change, boost productivity and engage employees.

Next up – figuring out how to optimize my blog!  🙂

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