The Manager’s Magic Potion for Select Subscribers…

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Here’s what other’s have said:
“LOVE the concept. I have a tendency to micro-manage. The questions provide me with a tool for imposing the close oversight I want but in a way that helps the employee to grow, and which won’t make the person feel like I don’t trust them. Nice work Julie, and thank you!”

“Pretty neat little book. I like the content and the presentation style”

“Magic little book. Simple, to the point and super helpful”

What is the Magic Potion?

A simple list of five inquiries – translated into your own words – that can help you:
• Identify and motivate your star employees
• Identify performance problems
• Delegate more effectively
• Develop your staff
• Save loads of time
• Make you a tremendously better manager


Improve your management practice and start saving time TODAY.

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One thought on “The Manager’s Magic Potion for Select Subscribers…

  1. Manager’s Magic Potion is truly magical. As described in the book, it is applicable to any situation; personal or business. I particularly appreciate the author’s clarity and organization. I plan to use it widely as a gift. I know I’m glad to have it myself.

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