Uncommon Peeps: Pamela Rickenbach

Each month, Uncommon Contributions will be highlighting “Uncommon Peeps” – people who truly represent what we mean by “purposeful engagement in meaningful work”.

This month’s Peep is Pamela Rickenbach of Blue Star Equiculture draft horse sanctuary and organic farm.

As our readers know, purposeful engagement in meaningful work means bringing your best to whatever you choose to do.  We are only able to do that through self awareness, resilience, understanding and applying our unique talents and being clear about our purpose – no matter whether we work at the post office, the elementary school or NASA.

Pam’s journey to her life’s work was a tumultuous one to say the least.  Adopted as a young girl, Pamela was brought to South America.  Plagued by childhood health problems and tropical diseases, she moved from the Northeastern Amazon region of Peru to Lake Titicaca in the Andes to Caracollo and then Coachabamba, Bolivia before marrying and settling deep in the Bolivian amazon jungle where she contracted a terrible parasitic disease for which there is no cure (you’ll have to read her bio to find out how she survived!).

Finding her way to Philadelphia in the US, home-schooled and self-educated (formal education stopped at about 7th grade) Pamela, co-published the book White Buffalo Teachings with Chief Arvol Looking Horse the 19 th Generation Keeper of the Sacred White Buffalo Pipe of the Lakota, Dakota and Nakota people of the Great Sioux Nation.

Later she would study organic horticulture and begin working with draft horses giving tours in Historic Philadelphia where she found her real passion and joy.   Pamela believes that she survived her whole life to come to do the work of Blue Star Equiculture.  Self awareness through native people’s teachings, resilience through hardship, recognizing and applying her unique talents and articulating and committing to a purpose greater than herself.  This is purposeful engagement in meaningful work.

Uncommon Consulting is now working with Blue Star to help shape their mission and operational foundation for the future.  I am proud to be invited to work with such committed professionals and invite you to join me in acknowledging Pam’s purposeful contribution to this world!

Pam’s goal now is to achieve a self-sustaining horse sanctuary and organic farm.   She’s not only saving these beautiful animals from certain death but giving them new life.  Interested in finding out how YOU can help the horses?  Read More!

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