Get The Flu On Purpose

Bone-twisting, fever-raging, cold sweat flu.  You’re not going into work.  Not today.  Not tomorrow.  Maybe the next day.  But you can’t even think about that because your hair hurts and your teeth are aching.

You had stuff on your calendar.  You had a To-do list the length of California.  You had people and projects depending on your presence.  But you’re not going to be there.

You’ve got the FLU.

You’ll never get those days back.  You’re not even going to have the benefit of being well rested because you will have been fighting the nasty bug AND worrying about all the stuff you have to do to catch up.  Seems like a waste all around, doesn’t it?

Instead of running yourself to a raw nub just waiting to be taken out by a germ, what if you planned a different type of flu?  One that restored you, boosted your productivity, re-energized your commitment and improved your performance?  One that even prevented that other nasty kind of flu.  I mean, if you can take a few days off for a raging unproductive fever – seems like a no brainer to try a different approach, yes?

Get your calendar out right now and plan 2 – 3 days to FLU: Fortify, Lighten and Upgrade. Here are some ideas:

Fortify: Wake up late, play with your pets or kids (or someone else’s pets or kids), take a walk outside, go for a swim or ski, meditate, stretch, loll about in your jammies, call a friend, eat good healthy food, get some sleep, read a book, listen to a new piece of music…

Lighten: Clean your office (you don’t necessarily have to be out of the office to FLU), straighten the garage, call the plumber/doctor/oil company/bank and get that junk off your mind, write thank-you notes, call your gram, create a space or time just for you…

Upgrade: Take a course, learn a skill, listen to a leader, view a webcast, watch a TED video, browse through your “read later” folder, install that time-saving application you downloaded six months ago, plan the hiring (or firing) of a staff member, update your resume…

Scheduling a few days for yourself two or three times a year to replenish your resources, straighten up your surroundings, or learn something new offers immeasurable benefit.

Running yourself ragged gets you the real flu.  Taking the time to recharge gets you healthy physically, mentally and emotionally.  If you’re thinking (as I have on occasion) : “Oh, if only I could get the flu – a really bad case – where I could just sleep and not feel guilty…”, you need to schedule a FLU day STAT!  You deserve it.  And you can’t be your best self without it.


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