Suck It Up

Employees whining?  Suck it up.

Colleagues complaining?  Suck it up.

Boss giving you “constructive criticism”?  Suck it up.

Spouse needing space?  Suck it up.

Children rebelling?  Suck it up.

And become resentful, rigid and reactive.  Roiling with resistance and rejection.


What if it wasn’t about you?

What if it wasn’t a judgment of your abilities and efforts.

What if you could hear them out, let them vent, begin to understand (not fix, mind you) their perspective?

What if you could really hear them without judgment, without reproach, without guilt or self-flagellation?

What if understanding and empathy (not enabling, mind you) trumped defense and disdain?

What if someone let you be heard for what you were trying to say?  What if they understood that you did not need or want them to solve your problems but that what you wanted was simply to be understood?

If we could do this, we would be so much wiser for the new knowledge and perspective and understanding we would have. If only we could just suck it up.



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