New, Seasoned and Wise: Why “seasoned” isn’t necessarily good.

In my many years of management training and executive development work I have come to know three types of managers.  It doesn’t matter what level they are (first line supervisor, VP or CEO) – these are the three:

The New Manager

Pros: eager to learn, wants to do it “right”, open to ideas and best practices

Cons: wants to do it “right”, can lose forest for the trees, lack of context makes training “unsticky”, now knows enough to be dangerous

The Seasoned Manager

Pros: confident, lots of experience to share with others, doesn’t waste time or money on professional development

Cons: self-assured, been there-done that, HR signed them up for the mandatory course, “Yeah, I got this”, has known enough to be dangerous for awhile now and you could probably water ski on the resulting wake.

The Wise Manager

Pros: interested, open, thoughtful, understands that not in a hundred million years could a manager experience all that the human condition can deliver up and so is happy to learn yet another technique just in case.

Cons: often caught chuckling to self and smiling knowingly at New and Seasoned classmates

We’ve all been there.  Strive for Wise.

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