Can a team change its stripes?

Can a person, a team, or an organization TRULY change its stripes?  These folks think so.  How about you?

On getting along: ” We saw immediate progress with interpersonal relationships and working as a team.”; “We broke through long standing assumptions and conflicts that were detracting from the goal.”

Teams are people too, right?  I mean, we all come to work with our “stuff”: our peeves, our problems, our personalities.  We come to work patient or we come at the end of our tether.  And then, no matter how we come to work, we have to deal with everyone else’s peeves, problems and personalities.  The better we are at managing the impact of our own stuff, the better we are at managing the stuff others dish out.  And, by the way, there’s a pretty aggressive business goal to be met and being fussy with each other isn’t going to help reach it any faster.

On being strategic: “We moved our discussions away from being so reactive and task-oriented to being more strategic”

Finding problems is easy.  Finding solutions can be hard.  Finding solutions is a lot harder when everyone is busy finding problems.  Shift the focus to the goal and strategy and then let the good strong brains of the team do their good strong work.

On management: “Management time is less spent on unproductive exchanges, organizational conflicts and silos and is more focused on work.”

Managers most often become managers because they are good at solving the technical problems of their field.  Hopefully they are also chosen because of their relatively good rapport with people.  Unfortunately, to be a great manager one MUST NOT SOLVE a lot of those problems. “What!?”, you ask with incredulity.  Yes, a great manager guides others to solve those problems for themselves thereby freeing up management time for creating goals and maintaining an environment that supports and stretches those people to solve even more.

On learning how: “I have to say this entire process is the first thing I’ve seen in 20 years that’s new and different and positive, and that gets at the root cause of the things that suck the life out of an organization.”

When you can get at the root cause of things that suck the life out of an organization, there’s more room for better things to grow.

On finding out more:

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