Six C’s for Strong and Flexible Management

I was asked by a client recently to present a course on core management practices – techniques and approaches that transcend good times, tough times and those times in the middle.

As part of my research for this program, I reviewed all of the successful management topics I’ve delivered over the years and looked at newer arguments and recommendations coming from current motivation theory and organizational psychology. Here’s what I’ve distilled the information down to:

Core management – in good times and in bad – consists of


Credibility – what you know, what you convey

Consistency – in what you measure, how you decide, how you communicate


Clear goals – for the organizational, the team and the individual

Courage – to make the tough decisions

Connection – between manager and staff and between staff and organization

Communication – planned, clear, two-way, respectful exchange of information

By practicing the 4 C’s of Process, you further strengthen your Foundation.

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