It’s Your Own Damn Fault

“…she is disrespectful, patronizing, doesn’t understand my value and has taken all my authority away.”

This is one of the many many many complaints I would field from a colleague of mine (for whom I was also “HR”) about her boss.  My colleague is a bright, accomplished, innovative professional in the IT field who has chosen to remain in a less than optimal employment situation. She is not interested in taking her complaint to the source, she is not interested in a mediated conversation, she is not interested in going to her boss’s boss, she is not interested in quitting.

There’s only so much I can take of this behavior and I don’t hesitate to say so.

“…she’s made it clear our jobs are at risk if we say anything bad on the employee survey.  That’s why the scores are always good”

It is not illegal to be a bad manager.  It is not necessarily a crime to demoralize, demotivate, embarrass and otherwise harangue employees.  It’s not illegal to “fix” employee survey results.  Would that it were.   Then maybe I could have ridden in on my white horse and saved my friend from certain disengagement in the name of organizational effectiveness.

What is unconscionable is the fact that scores of employees are “suffering” under the thumb of these ill-equipped managers.  That 60% of workers said they intended to leave their jobs when the market got better. That otherwise decent organizations are dragged down by immature, ill-conceived, ineffective management practices.

But what is even more unconscionable to me is that so many employees put up with this nonsense.  That they feel there is no where else to go, no one to help them, or – worst of all – are content to just bitch about it.

Change your situation or change your expectations.  Leave the job if it’s killing you.  And for goodness sake, don’t waste your life just bitching about it.

4 thoughts on “It’s Your Own Damn Fault

  1. Great post, Julie. The world of work is not for sissies! Don’t let the job or the boss brow beat you. As soon as you do, you’ve LOST.

    My advice – always show up prepared to do your best. Be positive, focus on the big picture, suck up only what you can stomach. Pick your battles intelligently. Fight the good fight. Most importantly, be ABLE to walk away if you must….

    If you can create the latter, you’ve got it made! 🙂

    Patricia Duarte

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