Wishing and hoping is not a good strategy

Wishing is for birthday cakes. Hoping is for scratch tickets.

There is the CEO who is exceedingly clear on what he needs his team to do differently and by when. The team is not.

There is the client who has been adamant that she’s not going to take it anymore. It’s been three years.

There is the sales person who is certain that things will uptick. Any time now.

Wishing and hoping are not good strategies for getting stuff done. Neither are they practical tools for making a difference.

What are you wishing and hoping for? That’s your goal. Write it down.

By when would you like to achieve that goal? That’s your deadline. Write it down.

What’s in your way of even wanting to THINK about getting started? These are your energy drainers. They are keeping you stuck. Get rid of them.

What will you ultimately gain when you’ve reached your goal? That’s your aspiration. Write that down too.

Now list all the options and resources you have to achieve your aspiration. Those are windows of opportunity. Pick one. Get it done.

Whether you are an HR leader influencing organizational change, a manager needing to boost performance or a business owner looking to grow, see those windows for what they are – wide open barn-door-sized opportunities to make a difference in your life and in the lives of others.

I work with business leaders who want to unlock intrinsic motivation for change and growth. Need a keynote? A management development program? A total team transformation? Let’s open some windows!

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