In Honor…

A dear friend just sent along this poem, “Fairy Tales” by Chester Swor.  I share it in honor of those who lost their lives this week in Boston. In honor of those who have lost someone dear.  In honor of those who ran toward the danger to touch someone, help someone, save someone.  In honor of all those who have touched, helped and saved me when I needed it.  This is for you.

“Fairy Tales” by Chester Swor

It seems wherever I go
People come into my life or go out of it
Touching me where I feel
Then leaving me only a memory
Like the Gossamer fairy tales of children –
Easily forgotten
And I wasn’t through knowing them.

How do I know
Who I am seeing for the last time?
How do you halt your life to gather and keep all
Those around you that you’ve ever known?
And how do you keep fairy tales from losing their magic?

So come
Brush against the walls of my life
And stay long enough for us to know each other
Even though we’ll have to part sometime
And we both know
The longer you stay
The more I’ll want you when you are gone.

But come anyway
For fairy tales are the happiest stories we read
And great books are made of little chapters.

2 thoughts on “In Honor…

  1. The triumph of the human spirit is in finding the meaningful in the face of the senseless; in moving towards risk and fear in honor of a greater good; and in pursuing unity where it is so easy to divide. Thanks for sharing this lovely poem and please know how grateful I am that you have touched my life.

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