How to be Successful

I hate to break it to you but there is no one sure recipe for how to be successful.

There are actually hundreds of thousands  – perhaps millions – of ways to become successful.  And each and every one depends on you.

Your definition of success, your willingness to work hard, your willingness to trust, your willingness to dream, your willingness to let go, to love, to hope, to change and to take action.

It’s not about “able”.  We’re all able.  It’s about willingness.  It’s about being open.  It’s about letting go and trying a new approach.  It’s about being you and being real.  And this is the hardest part.

We are wired for safety, security, status, certainty and status quo.  We can’t sell the house, we can’t move the kids out of school, we can’t speak up against senior management, we can’t lose our benefits.

Yes.  You can.  But are you willing?  Are you willing to define success – YOUR version success – and take stock of where you are against it?  Are you willing to relax and play with possibility?  Are you willing to consider – really consider – that this is not the best you can do, the most you can be, that this is not all there is?

I hope so.  Come play.  I have some possibilities.

One fabulous opportunity to play is coming up later this month.  The Center for Meaningful Work is hosting Tama Kieves – best-selling author, inspirational speaker and career coach – for a workshop that will move you to action.  Join us!

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