Hopes, Expectations and Accountability

Listening to a radio show today, the host asked “Do you think our hopes were too high when Barack Obama was elected?”

Yesterday, a high school student told his teacher “I hope to be a professional football player”.

Are our hopes too high?  Never.

Hope is unique to the human condition.   It is the sweet music calling from just around the corner that calls us forward and entices us to take the turn.

But what do we expect?

Ah.  Here is the problem.

Do we expect the music is being played by someone else? Placards of “Hope and Change” can only take us so far.

Do we expect that the music itself should carry us?  Unfortunately, the pro-ball team scout hasn’t received his engraved invitation to join us on the couch.

Indeed, the music of hope is just an echo.  It is first an echo of our own initial inkling.  It is then an echo of our own personal effort – should we choose to make it.  Only then can it grow louder and begin to carry us forward.

Are our hopes too high?  Always.  When we expect that others are responsible for making the music. When we abdicate responsibility for our own growth.  When we are blind to our part in the symphony.

We cannot expect our hopes to become reality without personal accountability.  Listen for the music. Pick up your instrument. Know the score. And play.

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