Getting Rid of Great People

Why would you do that?

Why would you exit a passionate, contributing, well-liked, roll-up-your-sleeves professional who is recognized as and depended upon for providing necessary organizational glue?

The same reason you would uproot and transplant a well-established, thriving, nutrient-producing anchor plant.  The deeply entrenched, solid, stable, far-reaching root system of the anchor plant defines the garden bed. It is its strength.

When fundamentally changing the organizational landscape, the gardener must start anew.  To transform the bed, the soil must be deeply tilled and aerated to give space for new and different plantings.

The anchor plant has contributed greatly.  It has provided critical foundation, definition and protection.  And it deserves to find an enriching new location as it allows its original bed to undergo the earth-moving preparation for what’s to come.


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