Dear Uncommon Subscriber, Let me explain…

My last newsletter was published in June 2013.  I’ve missed you!  As you may know, 2013 was a doozy – serving up enumerable challenges and, thankfully, just as many opportunities. Let me bring you up to speed…

Uncommon Consulting Sold to IDG Research Services!
After shepherding Uncommon through nearly five years of steady growth, I made the decision to join forces with my former employer.  We have combined all the good stuff of Uncommon with the unprecedented workforce efficacy and employee engagement analytics of IDG Research Services.  It’s a match made in heaven for me and my Uncommon clients alike – allowing for greater resources and an expanded set of services to measure and manage all aspects your workforce in support of business goals.

We offer:

  • Motivizion: A next generation employee survey which measures organizational, management and individual efficacy.  Including measurement of employee motivation.
  • MF Team Analysis: A comprehensive assessment of a team’s current and predicted motivation and engagement levels that includes a custom 16-page report for each individual and an overview of driving needs, talents, intrinsic motivation and motivation capability of the team as a whole.
  • Motivation and Engagement Programs: From 1 hour overviews to 3-6 month team transformations, these programs are interactive, energizing and informative sessions packed with practical, real-time tools.
  • Motivation Factor Practitioner Certification: The 3-day certification program which prepares participants to practice the remarkable Motivation Factor Methodology with their own clients and businesses.  Next certification is this March!
  • Management Best Practice Programs: A hallmark of Uncommon’s services, these programs cover management basics and beyond and are infused with techniques for building and maintaining greater motivation and engagement at every level.

What About the Uncommon Personal Stuff?
Many of you have taken advantage of the more personal side of Uncommon – our programs on getting unstuck, discovering personal passions, articulating life and work purpose, and just plain figuring out what you want to be when you grow up.  I am happy to say these programs will still be available – on an on-demand basis – through the newly named Uncommon Contributions.  Look for more on this soon.

So…it’s all good.


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