Workforce Efficacy and Employee Engagement Solutions

What’s better than satisfaction? Engagement.  Even better? Workforce Efficacy!

Traditional surveys measure how effective an organization is at satisfying employees,but they don’t capture how effective employees are at managing their own engagement and motivation toward the organization’s goals.

Uncommon Consulting delivers breakthrough solutions that will get and keep employees motivated, engaged and well-managed.

Motivizion® is the first workforce efficacy and employee engagement survey to measure personal motivation levels using The Motivation Factor® Index.

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Are you measuring your organization’s capability for intrinsic motivation and engagement?  If not, you may be missing a critical piece of the organizational health puzzle.

There is a great deal of support available for building organization and leadership health.

There are mountains of of information on how to improve management and culture.

But little exists to help us understand and address individual motivation and personal engagement torward business goals.  Now we have a way.

By assessing your organization’s capability for intrinsic motivation, you can now complete the puzzle.  You can pinpoint specific actions to help develop your employees’ skills in becoming and staying personally engaged.

Julie Lynch brings over 20 years of organizational effectiveness and employee engagement programming, executive human resources experience and a deep knowledge of how to make the most of employee surveys to provide powerful solutions to support your organizational health.

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