Happy Clients

“…Julie is indeed uncommonly gifted in the art of helping people to collaborate with, empower, manage, report to, understand, appreciate, mentor, cooperate with, uplift, and, yes, even deal with, other people…Her poise, her upbeat, caring nature, and her uncompromising resolve to safeguard the dignity of the people she’s entrusted with helping are qualities that have served her and her colleagues especially well. Julie also shines as a talented discussion moderator and facilitator, with an uncanny ability to elicit participation, to expand comfort zones, and to succinctly and accurately encapsulate the proceedings. It’s impossible to work with Julie and not be blown away by how good she is at what she does.” – VP, Editorial Director, ComputerWorld Media Inc.

“…this whole ‘facilitation’ thing is fantastic…I never knew a meeting could be so productive and well structured.” – Director, Online Account Services, IDG Enterprise

“Today’s HR literature is full of advice saying HR needs to be “strategic,” but Julie Lynch was strategic before strategic was cool. She was a major player at the highest executive levels — and not just about HR matters. She pressed us to think hard about the future and about different strategic directions for our business. And if you want someone to facilitate a staff meeting, handle a “difficult conversation” or communicate big changes to the staff, you want Julie Lynch involved!”  – Executive Editor, ComputerWorld Media Inc.

“You did such an incredible job moderating our offsite I wanted to thank you once again. …  We made real progress against the most important goal for the meeting and that was coming together as a team.”  – President and CEO, PCWorld

“I was lucky enough to work with Julie when she was VP of HR at Computerworld.  Julie REALLY cared about the individuals within the organization and influenced management and policies in a way that created a very positive work environment throughout the business unit . Julie’s direct impact on the culture, and the organization as a whole, empowered us to do our jobs — without the politics and undercurrents that can sometimes infect an organization.”  – VP, Event Sales, ComputerWorld Media Inc.

“Julie was an exceptional HR executive during a time of near-constant change. No matter how big the challenge, Julie was a superb catalyst in helping brainstorm ways to move forward. She is skilled not only in theories of change management but the critical arenas of personal relationships and communication. Plus, she is both a calming and upbeat presence in any situation.” – Managing Editor, Online